Membership 2014-15

This year (2014-15)  Lisvane Tennis club drives full-on into the 21st century with payment moving entirely online.  All members will receive an invitation to pay/renew their membership via an online invoice from a company called PayZip.

All members need to check the invoice against the current membership rates; if the invoice does not accurately reflect the membership category e.g. members moving from weekday to full membership do not pay the invoice. Contact me with the correct details and an amended invoice will be sent. If you are making any changes e.g. adding or removing family members there’s no need to wait for the invoice, contact me and I’ll make the necessary changes.

This year has also seen a number of changes to the existing rates and categories.  The junior category now covers ages 11-20. School years 6 and below has increased to £20.  Family membership has also been introduced; this applies to 2 full paying adults and 2 or more children (juniors and/or school children) for £260.

We have just taken delivery of shoes tags, these will be issued to all paid members & must be displayed when using the courts.  This is particularly helpful over the summer holidays when previous members may decide to reacquaint themselves with our facilities often inadvertently forgetting to rejoin. Actually, it’s not uncommon for those who have never joined but still like the look of the club to have a knock.  Anyone not displaying their shoes tag can be asked to leave the courts or better still invited to join the club.   Tony Symons-Hicks & myself will hand out the tags.

If you’re thinking of amending your membership from one category to another please download, complete and return the form to me and I’ll send the appropriate invoice. Additionally, if any personal information has changed e.g. email address, phone number, age – I mean those leaving the junior category and/or those entering the Senior category, let me know.

Wimbledon tickets

Our Wimbledon ticket allocation this year, we have 9 pairs to raffle off:

Day & Date Court
3 Wed, 25 Jun 2014 Centre
9 Wed, 02 Jul 2014 Centre
11 Fri, 04 Jul 2014 Centre
11 Fri, 04 Jul 2014 Number 1
6 Sat, 28 Jun 2014 Number 1
9 Wed, 02 Jul 2014 Number 1
11 Fri, 04 Jul 2014 Number 1
1 Mon, 23 Jun 2014 Number 2
8 Tue, 01 Jul 2014 Number 2

The prices can be found here :

Bear in mind they are the prices per ticket so need to be doubled for a pair.

Due to the changes in the way this is now administered by the LTA we are holding our ballot on the very last day available to us – 22/5/14. If the tickets remain unallocated by close of business on 23/5/14 the LTA  take them back. This makes the whole thing very tight & the lucky winners will need to buy the tickets as soon as there allocated.

The LTA will only sell tickets to registered members so unless you are registered you cannot enter the draw.

Wimbledon draw

The Wimbledon draw is fast approaching (22/5/14) & this year things have changed.
In previous years we received tickets, which we’d hand out to the winners on the night – that’s no longer the case.

This year the draw will be held as normal but the winners will be assigned tickets online (via the LTA website). The winners then log on and pay for their tickets.

Club members can only be assigned tickets if they have a British Tennis Membership number and are associated/attached to Lisvane (CAC). Without these details tickets cannot be allocated and will be lost back to the LTA.

There’s quite a difference between the number of members we actually have and the number registered with the LTA. Please make sure you are registered with the LTA, have a BTM number and have Lisvane as your place to play. Only members held on the LTA list are eligible for the draw.

Courts in use by the teams

If you’re thinking of popping down the club for a knock then try and avoid the following times

and dates as the courts are being used for team matches:

Home Tennis Matches 2014
April 28th Monday 6.30 Ladies 2 Cardiff 4
2nd Friday 6.30 Ladies 1 Dinas Powys 3
4th Sunday 2.00 Mens 2 Whitchurch 3
9th Friday 6.30 Ladies 1 Cwmbran
10th Saturday 2.00 Mens 2 Radyr 4
11th Sunday 2.00 Mens 1 David Lloyd 3
16/17 Sat. / Sun.Sat AM / Sun PM U14′s Road to Wimbledon Finals
23rd Friday 6.30 Ladies 2 David Lloyd 5
24th Saturday 2.00 Ladies 1 Rhiwbina 2
25th Sunday 2.00 Mens 2 Pen Winsor 4
26 Monday 10.00 U10′s Junior
29/30 Thursday /Friday 10.00 U12′s Junior
6th Friday 6.30 Mens 1 Radyr
7th Saturday 2.00 Ladies 2 Penarth 2
14th Saturday 2.00 Ladies 2 Rhiwbina 3
15th Sunday 2.00 Mens 1 Usk
21st Saturday 10.00 U12′s Junior
23rd Monday 6.30 Ladies 1 Creigau
27th Friday 6.30 Ladies 2 Cowbridge 2
28th Saturday 2.00 Mens 2 Penarth 3
29th Sunday 2.00 Mens 1 Whitchurch 2
5/6 Saturday/Sunday 9:30-14:00/13:00 U12′s Junior
5th Saturday 2.00 Mens 1 Allt-yr-yn
12th Saturday 2.00 Ladies 1 Whitchurch 2
13th Sunday 2.00 Mens 2 Cardiff 6
18th Friday 6.30 Ladies 2 Radyr 3
21 Monday 10.00 U10′s Junior
24/25 Thursday/Friday 10.00 12′s Junior